A Look Back at the FIFA 2012 Games

For all you gamer aficionados it is time to prepare yourselves to comment on EA’s newest edition of FIFA 2012 which was released in September of 2011. There are still plenty of sites out there trying to make a buck or two by offering free previews of the game with the sole intention of getting you hooked and reeled in. All you have to do is press one of a multitude of Click Here buttons to fall into the trap!

Some people prefer to focus their hobbies on home remodeling or DIY, others prefer to barricade themselves in the basement or attic in the comfort of their beloved sofa and play on the X-Box or PS.

Whilst overall reviews have placed FIFA 2012 as one of the best ever in terms of graphics and options, the elevated price tag has made most people wonder if it is better to stick to get-fit-quick schemes, such as the ingenious pull-up bar rather than invest their savings in a pricey game that will definitely be outdated in around 4 months from now.

Some of the fancier options available in the latest release allow you play against real people from all parts of the world. Rather than take on the might of the integrated software you are challenging real flesh and blood with all the weaknesses that they possess and to your advantage. It’s a bit like 5S but more realistic.

You can also tour different stadium and there is no shortage of injuries and suspensions. Professional footballers do have it tough remember! Action alert is another new and innovative feature which allows you inform the board of directors about your perceived strategy for the coming season.

The top UK commentators also deliver a glittering performance and delve into the statistics to remind us of past tournaments. How else could you expect to re-live the spirit of the game if your history is not able to go back a few years at the very least?

The designs surrounding the entire package have been upgraded to mirror the real ones about to be used in Poland and Ukraine. The different angle views of the different stadium also offer an interesting perspective.

There is also the addition of Expedition mode which allows you to select the best players possible from all participating teams and challenge any country taking part. To find out more info about this you can always access the official EA site and even have a hand at this special feature yourself.

Apart from glancing at the read more here button allowing you to experience the entire history of the competition from the days of its birth until the present you will be able to participate in a competition which will allow you and a friend to fly over to the Finals on June 28th.