A Brief Overview of Euro 2012 Soccer

Fans from around the globe are getting ready to watch the Euro 2012 Soccer, this is being aired live through broadcasters all over the world and thousands of fans are streaming to stadiums around Europe.

The Euro 2012 Soccer tournament is played at both home and away stadiums, enabling fans to get a bit of the excitement and thrill these games have to offer. These are broken into three stages; qualifiers, groups and final tournaments.

This all started back in September with the qualifiers which welcomed fifty one entries broken into nine groups. These were played from September to October 2011. The nine winners along with the top five sides entered the qualifying finals. You can find all the information you need on the teams on the official website, do an online search the same you would if you were doing career research.

The play-offs consisted of four sides with the best rankings. These were played in November 2011. You can visit source on the official site to find out who won these play-offs.

The final tournament was made up of four groups of four with the top two reaching the quarter finals.

Euro 2012 soccer kicked off on the 8 June 2012 with Poland and Greece being the first match and drawing, we then saw Russia win against Croatia with 4-1. Denmark then went on to beat The Netherlands and Germany won over Portugal. Spain and Italy drew while Croatia went on to beat Ireland. The next matches include France against England, Ukraine against Sweden, Greece against Czech Republic and Poland against Russia.

From the 21 June 2012 it gets exciting with the winner of group A playing the runner up of Group B and the winner of group B playing the runner up of group A. To completely understand how this works, you can do an online search, the same you would do if you were searching for free cell phones or Dodge dealership in Arizona.

Once these matches have been played then the winners of the quarter final 1 plays the winner of the quarter finals 3 and the winner of the quarter finals 2 play the winner of the quarter finals 4. This will leave two teams remaining to play for the championship trophy and be the winners of the Euro 2012 soccer tournament.

Soccer is popular throughout the world, much like italian cooking and is on a par with rugby and cricket with more fans watching the tournaments this year than previous years.

Technology is the new way people will be enjoying the matches with more people watching online with live feeds, this has increased the number of spectators from previous years. Many airings will be both online and on television, enabling fans to watch wherever they are at the time, keep up to date with real time information and get the low down on which teams are forging ahead to win the championship.

The Euro 2012 soccer championship is one of the most prestigious soccer tournaments in the world and winning this is a huge victory to the winners.