The Best FIFA Matches Ever

If you are a diehard football fan, then no doubt you have spent an inordinate amount of time recalling some of the best FIFA matches that you have seen, whether live or on television. That is quintessentially part of the football fan experience; we live and die with every goal and so we spend a fair amount of time enjoying the action as it unfolds. This is not like you going out to find a dentist to pull a bad tooth; in this metaphor, you would never want the tooth out, whether good or bad, because it helps define the experience for you.

Of course, ranking the best FIFA matches ever is not an easy order for anyone, much less a young fan that has only seen a few matches and have only heard or read the rest from FIFA lore. With so much subjectivity that goes into the selection process, it’s a harder task than picking the best coconut oil moisturizer for your hair.

And yet, still, we try. Here are 4 matches that we think should qualify as some of the best FIFA matches ever but only because we were given the license to rank. Without a doubt, other fans will have other matches in mind. For that, we welcome the healthy debate. But first, our selection of the best FIFA matches, in no particular order:

  1. Italy defeats Brazil 3-2, World Cup 1982. Punctuated by one of the most dominant performances of all time, Paolo Rossi of Italy submitted a hat trick to bury the Brazilians. It was a wildly entertaining see-saw battle with Italy going up twice only for Brazil to answer back before Rossi slammed the door with his third goal. As a football fan, this should be one of your baptism gowns, an introduction to the majesty that is football. The Brazilians were offensive geniuses but they ran into a brick wall with Italy’s super defense. Their failure to contain Rossi resulted in one of the most memorable football matches of all time and one that is certainly guaranteed to live in FIFA lore as one of the best matches ever. If you are indeed a fun, go grab some pikavippi or whatever it is that will allow you to find a video of this match for the ages.
  1. Argentina defeats England 4-3 in penalties, 2-2 at the end of regulation, World Cup 1998. The infamous David Beckham ejection notwithstanding, this game was a battle or wits and wills with Argentina prevailing in the shootout. Both sides scored 2 goals in the first half but Beckham got suckered into an ejection two minutes after halftime forcing England to adjust its offensive tactics. The end result was a heartbreak for England, which has become some sort of inevitability in these proceedings. David Beckham may just have been the Jerry Nolan that drummed England to wins and failure; oddly enough, his departure in this game signaled just that.
  1. Italy defeats Germany 2-0, World Cup 2006. The Germans were heavily favored heading into the game. No matter. Italy pulled one in the 119th minute and added another goal a minute after for good measure. Like a Dentist Everett WA surgically probing to find the best point of entry, Fabio Grosso won it for Italy unseating the Germans. The mere fact alone that the game stretched into near 3 hours was the ultimate testament to the competitive balance and superb grit that the Italians showed in mastering Germany’s attacks and finally giving them one loss to remember.

There are far more compelling stories of the bet FIFA matches ever. While those may not be found here, the web has a long list of matches listed by fans and pundits alike. Feel free to look around and join in the discussion to determine which ones are really the matches that matter dearest to the fans. Without a doubt, there will be no shortage of opinions and answers.