Upcoming FIFA Tournaments

In the world of football, few other events command as much excitement as the FIFA-sponsored events. Every year, people look forward to the upcoming FIFA events and plan their travel arrangements around these tournaments. From regional World Cup qualifying events to the actual World Cup and everything else in between, people will do what they can to watch now and live in order to savor the atmosphere and feel the excitement that is intrinsic to every FIFA event.

For the next few years, here is a rundown of the upcoming FIFA tournaments that should have you wanting to live in serviced apartments so you can travel for extended periods without having to worry about the state of the home you are leaving behind.

  • FIFA U-20 World Cup. Scheduled in Turkeyfrom June 21 to July 13, 2013, the FIFA U-20 World Cup is an exciting tournament for those who would want to scout the up and coming talents in the global football scene. These will feature the kids that are currently in the world’s talent development pipeline, and are the PPI calculator of sorts to the future of world football. And yet, one should make no mistake about it; these kids, as young as they are, will give the audience lights out entertainment on the pitch.
  • FIFABeachSoccer World Cup. Scheduled for September 2013 in beautiful Tahiti, the Beach Soccer World Cup is a dynamic and fast-paced event with a party-like atmosphere. It’s a real Fender telecaster, what with the merrymaking and escapades expected to highlight the beach venue. In 2013,Russia will hope to sustain its run as one of the better beach soccer superpowers in the world.
  • FIFA World Cup 2013. The mother of all tournaments, the San Diego floors of all flooring materials, the FIFA World Cup is the world’s biggest football tournament pitting countries in a month-long feisty of fun, power, and passion. Today, qualifying tournaments are happening in many regions across the world, all in preparation for the 2014 tournament to be held inRio de Janeiro,Brazil. The whole tournament games will be spread across 8 to 10 cities inBrazil with no more than 1 city having two stadiums, in order to promote multiple venues and destinations for tourism purposes. When the World Cup happens, diehard football fans around the world drop all that they are doing and flock to the destination country to support their favorite teams. Even when they have to “affitti” an apartment for a whole month, some people will actually do it just so that the can savor the whole World Cup experience during its month-long staging.

FIFA tournaments are the core of football and fans will do everything that they can to savor these events. With the World Cup less than 2 years to go, there is plenty of excitement over what is projected to be a party-atmosphere in Brazil. And given that promise, you can very well expect that even casual football fans will do what they can to take in the sights and sounds of Rio 2014. There are no words to describe what the atmosphere will be come kick-off time so plan ahead so you can enjoy it for yourself as it happens in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.