Fifa: The Most Popular Of All Games

One site that definitely has millions of visitors each year is Fifa.com. Passionate football fans all over the globe gather around this site and collect all the information they need on upcoming matches, they keep informed and they get to learn more on their favorite football players and teams. The game of Fifa or FIFA Football/Soccer also makes for one of the most popular video games football fans of all ages have been playing for several years now and which does not seem to be turning obsolete anytime soon.

FIFA actually stands for a series of association football video games that are being released on a yearly basis by Electronic Arts, wearing the EA Sports label. The first video game titles that were officially released to the great audience were American Football, followed by the Hockey series, and games such as Sensible Soccer or Match Day were soon developed on the late ‘80s. The FIFA series was released starting with 1993 and it was the first one wearing an official license provided by the FIFA organism – the world’s governing body of football.

As expected, the crowd’s interest for the video game boosted dramatically as more and more installments were added to the original series. We are talking in terms of the addition of the German Bundesliga, the English Premier League and the Italian or Spanish A Series of football, along with the French, Brazilian, Dutch or even South Korean or Australian Football Leagues. Players are allowed to choose their favorite clubs, teams, real leagues and player names and they can enjoy some of the most memorable times of their lives.

Additional installments included FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Football Championship, and UEFA Champions League, plus several football management titles that would definitely make anyone forget about his or her bowling shoes for a long time. No need to dig out any expensive trust deeds to purchase one of the latest FIFA releases, as the prices of these video games are now making them accessible for a wide array of players all over the globe.

Beloved footballer Lionel Messi is the current face of the FIFA franchise and he shows up on the cover of all games that are being released in the series. He is also part of the promotional campaigns and advertisements in the media and, as of 2011, the franchise is available in 51 countries and 18 languages. No less than 100 million copies of the video game have been sold worldwide and the numbers have turned the game into one of the bets-selling video game franchises.

As for FIFA 12, the game has been considered ‘the fastest selling sports game ever’ with more than 3 million copies sold and also more than $186 million in terms of revenues during the first week of its release. FIFA 13 is the latest release and North Americans can already enjoy the new series starting the 25th of September, 2012. Europeans can also enjoy it starting September 28, 2012.