Top Five Football Players

If you are looking to find out which are the top five football players of all time, this article should help you out a great deal. As a side note, you should remember that heated debates are prone to occur whenever such a hot topic is to be launched, and passionate fans will always defend their own favorites and reject different opinions. Nevertheless, the number of Pro Bowls selections and award these players have won during their entire careers, the statistics that have broken all records and the introduction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame are some of the irrefutable argument that no one can file a complaint against.

If you are looking to get the top 5 best football players of all time, get it now here, within these next few lines. According to the NFL Network and the information gathered there, the top five best football players of all time are Jerry Rice, Jim Brown, Lawrence Taylor, Joe Montana and Walter Payton.

Jerry Rice was named the greatest football player of all times by the NFL Network and he was also voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010. In addition to all of these, Rice was also part of the NFL’s 75th Anniversary Team. During his 18th season, this football player caught 1,549 passes for 22,895 yards and an impressive number of 197 touchdowns. His career included teams like the San Francisco 49ers, the Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders.

Professional football player Jim Brown definitely did not need any cash advance service thanks to his blooming career. The NFL Network called him the second greatest player in football and his amazing talent got him to rush for more than 12,300 yards and score more than 750 points. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and he was also chosen to nine NFL Pro Bowls. He also won 4 precious NFL Most Valuable Player awards in and he played 9 NFL seasons for the Cleveland Browns.

Lawrence Taylor played as a professional linebacker for the New York Giants and he was also selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The linebacker was a 9 time NFL All Pro and was selected to the NFL’s 1980s All Decade Team.

Joe Montana was made a part of the Football Hall of Fame in 2000, thanks to his amazing career as an eight-time Pro Bowl quarterback playing for the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. He threw for over 40,000 yards, he hit more than 270 touchdowns and he recorded more than 3,400 pass completions.

Folks who have not heard of the Supreme Group must have heard of Walter Payton and the way he rushed for close to 17,000 yards and hit 110 touchdowns in his entire career as a professional football player. He is part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame since 1993.