An Overview of FIFA 2012

If you are into video games, then be prepared to spare a slot in your games chest for FIFA 2012 (for example). From the popular FIFA franchise by EA Games, the latest installment – 19th to be exact – of the FIFA series is a treat and a leap in gaming experience for die-hard and causal fans alike. Pay attention to this overview of the FIFA 2012 and do not be surprised if you are drooling like an English mastiff before we get to the end of this short post.

This year’s FIFA release features 29 licensed leagues from an astounding 22 countries worldwide. Minus the Turkish Super Lig and Gambrinus Liga which were featured in the 2011 release, the 2012 edition is still way more than what you can ask for in a full football video game; and you do not need to be a master of library science or own an AACSB accredited online MBA degree to recognize the potential for epic gameplay.

A few of the leagues that are sure to command every gamer’s attention are the Barclay’s English Premier League from England, the Bundesliga from Germany, the Italian Serie A, the Spanish Liga BBVA, and the US and Canada’s Major League Soccer. Add to this the fact that FIFA 2012 has included 42 national teams added to its international division and you might need a credit card debt relief because of the rush to get the game.

The gameplay happens in 56 venues led by some of the super stadiums in Europe. Worthy of being considered Soweto properties, these stadiums are iconic venues for football and are well known to fans who regularly follow the games live or on TV. Some of the real stadia that are featured in FIFA 2012 are Etihad Stadium for Manchester City, Allianz Arena for Bayern Munich, Emirates Stadium for Arsenal FC, the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium for Real Madrid C.F., and Wembley Stadium among others. You can learn more about your favorite stadium by soaking in the realistic digital rendition of the game.

To add to the fun and excitement, FIFA 2012 has a UEFA Euro 2012 expansion pack which includes 53 European nations and can be played online in tournament mode. Your bid to get a masters in health administration could be in serious jeopardy once you start playing FIFA 2012 as this can be really addictive, not to mention worthy of all the trust deed that will be virtually placed on bet for what can be one of the greatest games to be released in recent years.

Already, FIFA 2012 is racking honors left and right. It boasts a score of 91 on Metacritic and IGN reviewed it with a 9.5 out of 10 rating. Get ready to boost your gaming collection with FIFA 2012 and be prepared to spend hours of fun on this realistic and entertaining release. It’s the best one yet; and that is certainly saying something.